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المواطنيّة البيئيّة في ظلّ الرقمنة: أيّ فرص للتغيير؟

CEEDD's Webinar - Post Webinar Assessment Survey

Thank you for participating in CEEDD's webinar. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your comments are very important to us.

There are 5 questions in this survey.
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المواطنيّة البيئيّة في ظلّ الرقمنة: أيّ فرص للتغيير؟
(This question is mandatory)

 Rate your satisfaction with the content of the webinar by indicating your level of agreement 

or disagreement with each of the following statements.

The session delivered the information I expected to receive.
The subject matter was presented effectively.
The pace of the webinar was satisfactory.
The duration of the webinar was sufficient for the material covered.
The trainer/speaker was knowledgeable.
The trainer/speaker responded appropriately to participants questions
The trainer was well prepared and organized
The content/ virtual aids of this webinar was consistent with stated objectives
The content of this webinar was appropriate for intended audience
The webinar technology was adequate and conducive to learning.
The webinar training was well organized.
The webinar raised my awareness about the issue
As a result of this webinar, I gained new knowledge applicable to my work.
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What did you like MOST , and LEAST about this webinar ?
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How did you learn about this webinar? 

Please provide any additional feedback about the webinar training here or suggest a way we could improve our webinars.

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Suggest a future topic for a webinar