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Happynomics : Happiness at work and organizational performance

Dates: 24, 29 November - 1,6,8, December – 10 January
Modality : Online from 5:30 pm till 8:30 pm

We live and in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). More than 30 years of processes and resources optimization have dehumanized our organizations. The latest deep crisis we went through, or we are still struggling with are leaving the workforce without sense, purpose, and energy. If we want happy customers, citizens, patients, travelers, we must create the organizational conditions empowering the coworkers’ happiness and performance. The goal of this training program is to give to team leaders, business managers, professionals in HR management, transformation consultant the proven keys to turn around a culture based on command and control into a happy organization that attracts talents and let them contribute to a sustainable performance.

- Get a comprehensive understanding of all the pillars and models linked to happiness at work
- Find out what are the key models and tools related to organizational and cultural transformations
- Understand and assess for your own organization the power of happiness at work translated into KPIs impacting your bottom-line performance
- Learn how to manage resistances and spread the word around you

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